• Cuba: an unlikely cyclists’ hotspot
    Posted in: Race Winner

    When most people think of Cuba they tend to think of the communist revolution with leaders such as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro who become something of celebrity leaders or Cuba’s vibrant culinary and musical scenes with rice, beans, chicken and rum later danced off to the upbeat rhythms of salsa music. People also think […]

  • Cycling France’s Loire Valley
    Posted in: Race Winner

    BMX bikes are certainly my passion as any reader on this blog will have figured out by now. I’m a big fan of going down to my local track and spending an afternoon riding and honing my skills. But it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I’m also interested in other forms of cycling. […]

  • In bed for a month: my worst biking accident
    Posted in: Race Winner

    Not everyone is up for extreme sports or anything that has the potential to cause injury. I consider myself rather an adventurous person and I’ve done some things that many people would call dangerous, but even I am somewhat afraid of large bodies of water and the idea of sailing on the ocean, especially at […]

  • A closer look at BMX bikes
    Posted in: Mountain Biking, Super Bikes

    If you’ve ever wondered about what exactly a BMX bike is or you’re curious about what makes a bike a BMX bike, then this is the site for you.Here is a quick guide to the different types of BMX bikes, when they’re used, and under what conditions: To start off we have the vert, sometimes […]

  • A short history of bicycle racing
    Posted in: Race Winner, Racing

    With summer here and people out and about enjoying the weather, it’s easy to tell that the summer sport season has arrived with the weather. The rivers and lakes are filled with people kayaking and canoeing, the parks and fields are filled with people playing football, field hockey and nearly everything, and, of course, the […]

  • A couple of the best cycling routes in Europe
    Posted in: Car Racing, Racing

    Europe is probably one of the best places for bicycling. With so much history on a continent that is quite small compared to the Americas, Asia or Africa and its rich diversity of landscape means that it’s hardly more than a day’s pedal before one arrives in a new city or landscape. People spend their […]

  • The unlikely journey of the BMX bike
    Posted in: Super Bikes

    If you’re on the internet looking up information about BMX bikes, it’s highly likely that somehow the surge in popularity of BMX bikes during the 1990s is influencing you (not that there couldn’t be 60-year-olds on the internet who have been BMXing their whole lives)! In the 90s BMXing came to its own, developing into […]

  • Tips for getting started in BMX biking
    Posted in: Racing

    BMX bikes are one of the most exciting types of bicycles available, not only because of their versatility and the manner in which they can be ridden on all sorts of terrain but because of the amateur, home-made feel that so many of the bikes have. The sport began relatively recently when compared with some […]

  • The Top Five Mountain Bike Races the World Over
    Posted in: Super Bikes, Top Bike Racer

    1.The Cape Epic. This 800km, week-long race in South Africa traverses the Western Cape and brings in some 1200 riders every March. If you’re considering partaking, you’ll want to be in peak physical condition because it’s not just amateurs who test their mettle on this daunting journey, but each year numerous professionals join as well. […]

  • History of most prestigious car races
    Posted in: Racing

    One of the first things humans did once cars were invented was race them. There’s something very impressive to people, and quite rightly, about high speeds, especially when we consider that it wasn’t until the last 150 years or so of a roughly 7000-year-long history of civilisation that humans developed a means of transport that […]

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